Photography – Custom / Artistic

Price Varies 60 minutes

This package is ideal for luxury homes requiring that something special. Shot by a photographer who’s works have appeared in news papers, magazines, documentaries, art shows, commercials and more. This package is booked for those seeking that special touch. This could include night shots, sunset shots, or large amounts of custom lighting to fill a ballroom.



Start at just under $2000 this real estate photography package is all about custom and artistic. Custom lighting, custom photos, touch ups, and more.
Ideal for any Santa Barbara based property of any size seeking that extra something special.
If you want to go the extra mile and have your property photographed in a unique and exciting way then this is the package for you. Whether it is getting an actor or a couple of models to share a glass of wine over the balcony or waiting for that perfect sunset shot that lights up your vineyard, this is the package you want to blow away the competition. Your home will be photographed with any tools that our photographer deems necessary and be ready for a magazine cover or a Forbes Life feature.

How it works –
After booking, our photographer will research the property then give you a call or email to discuss your goals for the final look. The photographer will then spend the time needed on the property to work with you to feature the best aspects the property has to offer.
The photographer will personally work on, or with, our digital artist to get the artistic look he wants for the property.
We then create 2 versions for you, 1 high resolution set for your design and print materials. Then a 2nd version compressed and optimized for uploading to your websites and social media.

(Subject to final budget and requirements)

Some exclusions may apply. Contact us for more.


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