Installation & Removal – Real Estate Signs And Sign Posts

Starting At $55 1 day

No more chasing down vendors or going back and forth by text message and voice mail to get a sign post installed. Simply click the date you want your sign installed, enter your property information, and pay online. You will receive a receipt and automated confirmation. Book at anytime from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. We currently offer the custom-built standard wood posts that you find at most listings in Santa Barbara and coming soon we will offer custom luxury finished signs and modern sign posts.

Is your sign stored somewhere else? No problem. Rather than using zip ties to secure a sign to the post we have installed fastening hooks which looks better and also allows agents to hang their own sign if it is not currently stored with our sign installers.  Book a real estate “for sale” sign post installation today.



Why book a real estate sign through ListItMarketing.com?

  • Convenient booking – No more chasing down low tech vendors by text message or voice mail to get a sign installed. Simply click the date you want your sign installed and enter your property information. Book at anytime from anywhere using a computer or mobile device.
  • Easy payment – No more mailing checks or running payments to your office. Simply pay online by credit card and receive an automated receipt for your records.
  • Reliability – No more waiting and wondering if your sign vendor received your request. Booking on ListItMarketing.com is automated and syncs directly to the sign vendor’s calendar. Know exactly what day your sign is going in and coming out. Simply select the date and you will receive an automated confirmation.
  • Bulk Entry – We eliminated the tedious back and forth with sign vendors.  Now you can enter and pay for all of your sign installations and removals at the same time on the same receipt for multiple properties.
  • Custom signage – Need a custom sign? No worries, with ListItMarketing.com you can now order everything in the same place. Simply click here for a custom sign quote.
  • Client appreciation – No need to disrupt your client’s daily lives with multiple days of production with various vendors. At ListItMarketing.com you can schedule everything at once including photos, videos, signs, floor plans, and more.

Our real estate sign installation and sign post installation is available for real estate listings in the Santa Barbara area and pricing includes both install and pick up. Please be a specific as possible with installation location requests as additional fees may apply for returning to the property.