The book on real estate marketing is a must read book for anyone in the business of marketing and selling real estate.

An instructional book about marketing real estate in the digital age. Designed for real estate professionals and marketing managers alike. Learn from the minds of marketers behind billions of dollars in real estate. Releasing in the Summer of 2020, this book will guide you on how to market properties in the digital age. For real estate agents and property managers, learn how to strategize, formulate budgets, track marketing efforts, develop systems, and target market your listings to buyers both globally and locally while marketing professionals can learn about the technical aspects of real estate photography, videos, 3D tours, Facebook Advertising, Social media management, and more.  Gain insight from some of the top real estate marketers in the industry with experience running campaigns on billions of dollars real estate in sales. Stay tuned for the official release or find it on Amazon Books.


This book takes a step away from the traditional marketing tactics, which focus solely on client lead generation, and instead places the focus on marketing listings. Real estate agents only get paid when the listing sells so there is no point in getting a listing if you don’t know how to sell it. This book uses data and experience acquired from years of tracking and advertising properties on various platforms including Zillow, Google, and Facebook.


Discover the latest trends in real estate marketing as the authors use a systematic approach and tracking systems to analyze what new marketing trends are fads and what methods are here to stay. Learn from some of the most experienced real estate marketers and content creators in the business.

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