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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ Page

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Here you will find helpful tips to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question email us here.  ListItMarketing.com was designed to help real estate professionals streamline the marketing of their listings.

Where can I find my orders and appointments?2020-01-15T19:30:46-08:00

To find your past or current orders and appointments through ListItMarketing.com please login to your account and click on orders.

1 – visit www.ListItMarketing.com and click “my account” or click here https://listitmarketing.com/my-account/ 

2 – sign in to your account using your same email address used to place your order

3 – click on “orders”


If you are unable to access this or have technical issues please email us.

My photos are not printing in high quality. Can you send me hi res photos please?2019-12-12T13:18:51-08:00

The photos we provide are high resolution. To ensure your photos are printing at their full quality, download them to your computer and print directly from your computer. It is possible that if you are printing any photos or documents directly from a digital drive it may print lower resolution. If the photos are still printing low quality please check to verify the file size. To verify they are high resolution photos the file size will be around 10mb and and image size around 5000px. If this is not the case please email support so we can look into it.

What does ListItMarketing.com do?2019-12-12T12:53:56-08:00

Real estate professionals use ListItMarketing.com to schedule marketing and content production services for their real estate listings. Popular services include listing videos and property tour videos. Listing photography. Floor plans. Drone photography. Drone videography.

Real estate video looks pixilated or low resolution when viewing file2019-12-09T13:15:29-08:00

If your real estate video looks like it is too dark or has dots and low quality look it is very likely you are viewing it in google drive or an online file viewer.

Step 1 – check to see if you are viewing it online in google drive or some sort of digital file share program. If so, please download the file to your computer and watch from there to see full quality.

Step 2 – If you are viewing in youtube, vimeo, or other online video viewing site please check to see what resolution you are viewing it at. In the bottom right corner of the youtube viewer there is an option to select resolution. Youtube may be showing you low resolution versions. Click to change to HD 1080 or 720.

I don’t see the full quality or hi resolution photos of my real estate listing2019-12-09T12:52:42-08:00

If you are being told by your designer that the photos are not full quality or if you believe your listing photos are not high resolution please 1st check the following.

You may have received 2 versions of your photos or 2 folders.

  • 1st is the main high resolution photos
  • 2nd are the web quality photos.

Step 1 – Please check to make sure you are using the photos from the main folder and are not using the photos from the folder “Web Version”. While both are likely large enough for open house flyers and websites, the high resolution images will be a much larger file size, often around 10-20mb and Approximately 5000 pixels. The web quality files will be smaller, often around 2mb. If you are not seeing the large files please let us know.

Step 2 – Make sure they are downloaded to your computer to see the full quality of each photo. Your browser or drive may be downgrading the quality for viewing purposes.
This is my first order and I don’t trust online stuff. Are you guys for real?2019-11-22T16:27:59-08:00

1st, congratulations on making your 1st order with us, we are excited to work with you.

2nd, we understand your concern. We invite you to ask your fellow real estate professionals about the quality of work and professionalism our team provides. You can also contact a representative at your local association, such as Stephanie or Ani at the Santa Barbara Association Of Realtors, to ask them about us.  We are an affiliate member of the SBAOR and one of our representatives often attend the association meetings such as the monthly breakfasts or association parties.

3rd, we work with some of the most trusted payment processors available including paypal and stripe. These processors handle the payment information for our website and thousands of others. We invite you to explore these payment processors or speak to your credit card company and learn about all the security protections they offer consumers and why so many consumers are choosing to use credit cards and online payment methods over checks and cash.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email or receipt. What do I do?2019-11-22T16:03:14-08:00

If you did not receive the automated confirmation or receipt then your order has likely not gone through. This could potentially happen if your wifi shut off during the ordering process and disconnected you or if perhaps your session expired.

Please 1st check your spam folder to confirm you did not receive it.

Or you can simply log in to your account and click on “orders” to see a list of all your orders at: https://listitmarketing.com/my-account/orders/.

If your order is not displayed here then it did not process and must be redone. It is likely still in your cart and you simply have to click to check out again.

In the unlikely event that your order did go through twice or were double charged email us as soon as possible so that web support can address the issue for you.

I can’t upload the floor plan to the… MLS, Appfolio, Zillow, etc.2019-11-22T15:54:00-08:00

Floor plans are typically delivered in PDF format for printing purposes. Some listing management software and MLS’s only display photos and prefer jpg format. Simply convert your floor plan to a jpg or email us and we can do it for you. Then for future orders please request or select to have it delivered in JPG format as well.

How do I request a revision?2019-11-22T15:44:24-08:00

Simply email us with the request and the property address or order number.

Unless labeled otherwise on the order form, we usually allow 1 post production revision request per project so please include all of your requests in 1 email to avoid additional fees to extra work hours incurred going back and forth. This could include cutting a shot from the video, adding or changing room labels on floor plans, or fixing the crop on photos. Extensive or very difficult revision requests that require time and/or revisiting the property may be subject to additional fees. But feel free to contact us 1st and we can let you know.

How do I cancel my order or appointment and get a refund?2019-11-22T15:37:56-08:00

To cancel your order please email us 24 hours prior to the appointment so that we can send you a calendar link to reschedule. Refund requests may be subject to fees and can take up to 2 weeks depending on the credit card company and credit card processor.

How do I reschedule our appointment?2019-11-22T15:33:34-08:00

If you need to reschedule please do so by emailing us 24 hours prior to the appointment. You will be sent a calendar link to select the next best time to meet.

Can I get a bulk rate discount on services or negotiate your rates?2019-11-22T15:31:38-08:00

Our rates have already been discounted with the idea that our clients are actively working real estate professionals and typically ordering multiple services from us in bulk.  Additionally, we have created grouped packages that offer even deeper discounts when you order multiple services, such as full listing packages that include listing photos, video, drone, sign installation, and floor plan. You can view these packages at ListItMarketing.com/pricing

If you are a real estate brokerage with over 50 listings per month and seeking a solution for all of your listings please contact us for custom grouped packages that fit your company’s needs.


I can’t remember my password.2019-11-22T15:21:08-08:00

You can easily set a new password by visiting your account page at https://listitmarketing.com/my-account/

Simply enter your email and you will be sent the form to reset your password.

If you do not receive the email please confirm that you are using the correct email.

If you still cannot get in to your account please email us.

How can I book your services?2019-11-22T15:17:56-08:00

If you are a real estate professional or work on behalf of a real estate company such as a licensed real estate agent, broker, property management firm, real estate team, or similar business please visit our online scheduling page at www.ListItMarketing.com/Pricing

Do I have to pay by credit card online?2019-11-21T21:13:39-08:00

You can select to pay by credit card or to bring a check to the appointment. Agents like to pay by credit card online for the convenience, security offered by their credit card company, points/miles earned, and ability to track their business expenses via automated receipts.

I want to talk to you, what is your name? Please call me.2019-11-21T21:08:34-08:00

We understand that in the past, these marketing services were provided by photography students or individuals working from their cellphone. ListItMarketing.com is comprised of a team with multiple services and service providers. If you have a question or a revision request please email us so that your question can be directed to the appropriate person assigned to the property. For example, if you have a revision request for a video then it wouldn’t make sense to contact the drone pilot or web designer, so instead your request would be directed to the editor.

What if the day is too foggy or cloudy for photos? Should I cancel?2019-11-21T20:59:01-08:00

Typically there is no need to cancel. Sky replacement is included in the editing process when needed. Cloud cover can even provide better lighting conditions. There is typically no need to cancel unless a major storm or hard rains that make exterior shots impossible.

How many photos are included?2019-11-21T20:55:18-08:00

There is not a set limit on the amount of photos, within reason. It depends on how many the photographer and/or editor feels is needed to show the property well. On average we expect about 12-25 photos but it depends on the property condition and size. Larger homes can yield as many as 35 while small rentals may only need 5. If you have special requests on the amount of photos please be sure to include that in the order form notes.

Can you install a sign post for my listing in Santa Maria, Ventura, Los Angeles?2019-11-21T20:50:35-08:00

Not at this time. We currently only provide real estate sign post installation in Santa Barbara County.

Do I need to store my own sign?2019-11-21T20:49:14-08:00

You can store your own sign or you can select to have our sign installer store it for you. Our sign posts come with metal fastening hooks so you can easily hang the sign yourself without needing zip ties or special tools.

How do I order to remove the sign post?2019-11-21T20:44:03-08:00

To remove the real estate sign post simply visit the same order form that you ordered the sign post installation.

Select the date to remove.

Select “remove sign”

Then check out.

The removal fee was included with installation so there will be no charge.

I am a photographer or marketing specialist. How do I join ListItMarketing.com?2019-11-21T20:27:40-08:00

Partnering with ListItMarketing.com is typically by invite or recommendation. If you have extensive professional experience in your field and at least 2 industry recommendations you can reach out to us to see if there is availability in your city.

Do you service Santa Maria, Ventura, Or Los Angeles?2019-11-21T16:58:50-08:00

We do not currently provide services outside of Santa Barbara County except by special request for large projects. You are welcome to email us for special requests or to be place on an email list so that we may update you if we expand in to your city

Are you local?2019-11-21T16:55:35-08:00

listitmarketing.com was founded in Santa Barbara California by a group of local marketing professionals, drafters, and photographers that wanted to help address the issues that both real estate professionals and marketers faced in the industry.

The artists or service providers assigned to your property will be local to your city or county. We have a team of very talented local artists and techies. Which service provider is assigned to your property will depend on the package you order and their availability.


Do I have to book online?2019-11-21T16:44:13-08:00

Yes, there are many benefits to booking online with our system that save time and money.

  • Scheduling by phone can create room for human error and misunderstandings but our scheduling process does more than book a date and time. The automated booking process makes scheduling more convenient and less time consuming for both the real estate professional and the marketing specialist. This allows us to provide the reduced prices available online
  • It allows you to type in helpful information that the team should know such as features you want highlighted about the property, or to upload your branding information and profile photos.
  • It allows you to select various add ons and custom features such as adding color or 3d elements to your floor plans.
  • It allows you to build custom packages.
  • It automatically coordinates the calendars of all our team members so you can choose to have multiple services done on the same day.
  • It places you in the system for an automatically generated receipt to track your business expenses.
  • It sends you an automatic appointment reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • and more.

ListItMarketing.com was built to help bring the real estate industry up to speed and streamline your business. Should you need help setting up your account or making your 1st booking please feel free to contact us and someone will contact you to help walk you through the process.

Where are you located?2019-11-21T16:18:04-08:00

ListItMarketing.com was founded in Santa Barbara California.

Members of our team provide services throughout Santa Barbara County.

Custom services – How do I book a service or special request that is not shown on listitmarketing.com?2019-11-21T16:16:04-08:00

If you would like a custom quote or customize a service that is not available to schedule online simply send us an email with your request. We will look over the request and get back to you. Be sure to include your name, contact information, and as much details as you can about the request. Someone will call or email you as soon as possible.

How do I schedule an appointment?2019-11-21T16:12:05-08:00

To schedule an appointment or service use our online scheduling calendar by click here.

Simply select the date and time

enter any needed information about the property

then click “book now”

You will be taken through the checkout process and asked to make an account.


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